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This film tells the story of a prototype of robot, which, after an emergency while charging batteries, activated the functions of artificial intelligence. He begins to ignore destructive algorithms. This is a very interesting plot move :-)

At first, his behavior resembles a child’s behavior model: he is curious, direct, wants to know everything.
Gradually, as the knowledge base accumulates, its behavior changes and, closer to the middle of the film, the behavior of the robot already corresponds to the model of adult behavior.

At the end of the film, the robot finds a way to deceive its pursuers and leaves with its creator and his new girlfriend in another state.

The plot of the film is interesting in that the authors of the script were able to very accurately simulate the work of artificial intelligence. It resembles neural network solutions. But the technical characteristics of the robot do not correspond much to its abilities. But for a science fiction movie, that’s fine :-)

In 1988, the second film was released. But it was created by other people, in the wake of the popularity of the first film. Therefore, the second film can hardly be called a continuation of the main story. It seems that this is just a tribute to the Hollywood tradition: if the film was successful, then you need to do some continuation. Even if the authors of the first film do not want to do this ;-)

Main characters

  1. Number 5 — one of the five prototype robots, the main character of the film.
  2. Stephanie Speck is the first good person, she met with Number 5.
  3. Dr. Newton Crosby — the creator of the robot.
  4. Ben «Jabutiya» Jahrvi is Newton’s assistant.
  5. Dr. Howard Marner — Director of Nova Robotics.


According to the plot of the film, the events take place in two states: Washington and Oregon. At the end of the film, the robot and his new human friends leave for the state of Montana.

Main places:

  1. NOVA Robotics is located in southern Washington.
  2. A bridge across the Columbia River where NOVA security officers chase a robot.
  3. The city of Astoria (Oregon), where Stephanie’s house is located.

Author: Alexey (from the project)

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