This page is dedicated to an assistant character from Microsoft Office 2003. He entertained the user with his animations and tried to help the user master the office suite. H’m. Why entertained? Thanks to the actions of some code lovers, it still works or entertains 🙂

The first versions of virtual assistants appeared in MS Office 97, but then they were not yet compatible with MS Agent technology. This compatibility appeared already in MS Office 2000.

Characters have been removed from the office suite since 2007 (Windows) or 2008 (MacOS), and support for MS Agent technology has disappeared already in Windows 7.

On this page you can watch a simplified web version of the character created within the framework of Clippy.JS. 🙂


Name: Clippit

Available animations:

Stop animation, Stop all animations

Description: Though nothing more than a thin metal wire, Clippit will help find what you need and keep it all together.
Additional phrases:
– Hey, there. What’s the word?
– How’s life? All work and no play?
– Hey, there. Want quick answers to your questions about Office? Just click me.
– Here’s your reminder.
– Don’t forget this.
– Consider yourself reminded.