Mini-test for MODs: Southern Region, Promods, RusMap

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Hello! This program checks how relations with your copy of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and three modifications for it (Southern region, Promods, Rusmap) can develop. The second main function: semi-automatic installation of supported versions of these modifications.

To improve support for the simultaneous use of multiple modifications and add new useful features, your feedback and tips are very important to the project.


Current build (part of version number is creation date):

Supported Versions:

  • Euro Truck Simulator 2: 1.31-1.39
  • Southern Region: 7.2.0-9.0
  • Promods: 2.30-2.43, 2.46, 2.50, 2.51
  • Rusmap: 1.8.1, 1.9.1, 1.9.2, 2.0, 2.0 fixed, 2.1.0, 2.2.1.


Program update

To update the program, simply download the new version from the site and delete the old one.

What are the reasons why a software update may be released:

  1. A new version of the simulator has been released.
  2. A new version of one of the supported modifications has been released.
  3. Made important changes to the program code

Download the program


You can leave a review about the program on this page or in our representative offices on Facebook, Discord :-)


Key features:

  • check the relevance of the version of the simulator;
  • check for the versions of the modifications that are appropriate for this version of the simulator;
  • check for the presence of extensions (DLCs) required for modifications;
  • quick check of modification files by file size;
  • accurate verification of modification files against checksums;
  • installation of the modification (unpacking files from a multivolume archive into the “mod” folder) *;
  • display the location of the game.log.txt file;
  • open the "mod" folder in the explorer;
  • enable and disable developer mode when the simulator is off (variables g_developer, g_console);
  • listing errors and warnings based on the game.log.txt file;
  • this software is available in 4 languages: Russian, French, English and Ukrainian.

* for extracting files, the console versions of 7-zip, WinRar archivers are used, which are located in the program folder. This allows you to install modifications even if you do not have an archiver installed.


How to install and run

  • Open archive
  • Pull out the folder with the program and drag it, for example, to the desktop
  • Run the ETS2MODtest.exe file



To perform the test, you must either have the installed Steam version of the game, or have a shortcut on the Desktop.

The program does not delete any files, but the modification files can be replaced in the Mod folder.

After dragging and dropping a file, the program “freezes” - at this moment it calculates checksums using the SHA-1 algorithm. For 6 large files, this process usually takes up to 1 minute of time - it depends on your processor.

During the installation of the modification, the system console window appears (usually black and gray). This is a window with messages from the 7-Zip archiver program (7za.exe file) or WinRar (unrar.exe), which unpacks the modification files into the “mod” folder.

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