It is extremely difficult for one person to do something useful and interesting. Therefore, when many people work explicitly and implicitly on a project, it is easier to make it more interesting and useful 🙂

This page lists people who explicitly and implicitly helped make this site better 🙂

This page looks quite formal, but this is done so that there are no problems with some authors or organizations.

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Authors of photos and videos:

  • Mathieu MAXIME PROD (Written permission was received 2021-07-02)
  • Wanderlust Travel Videos (Written permission was received 2020-10-03)
  • GlobeTrotterAlpha (Jon Cohen, Written permission was received 2020-04-18)
  • Amazing Places on Our Planet (Milosh Kitchovitch, Written permission was received 2018-10-11)
  • European Roads (Written permission was received in 2018)
  • (la permission écrite a été reçue le 10/09/2018)
  • Burgen und Schlösser) (Hohensalzburg)
  • Anna Canon (Swiss, NL, RU)
  • Charlottegupta Pixabay (Vesuvio)
  • Efraimstochter (, pAsCaL_nord ( Kalmar castle
  • Dassel from Pixabay (petrif_forest)
  • Egor Shitikov from Pixabay (Yosemite)
  • Flemming (Farøbroerne Bøtø Bridge)
  • Hans ( (Hohensalzburg)
  • Helena G (LU)
  • Jadorelyon ( (Château d’Ussé)
  • Jean-Pol GRANDMONT (Wikipedia) (Château de Reinhardstein)
  • Ruslana Antov (Cтручева) (EE)
  • sdk (GB, US CA)
  • SteenJepsen pixab Opera NO
  • TomosArcher1980 / Pixabay Stadiwm y Mileniwm
  • valentinagius0 (, Tommy_Rau (, stux (, travelspot ( (Lago di garda)
  • Werner22brigitte from Pixabay (Grand canyon)
  • Акмал Усманов (FR, NL, RU, TJ, US)
  • Александр Гордеев (FI)
  • Александр Калинин (US CA)
  • Алексей Саженин (GR)
  • А. Л. (UA, BG, RO)
  • А. Я (FI)
  • А. Яровой (GE)
  • Вера Демина (Митина) (FR, PL, SI)
  • Вера К. (Karpaty)
  • В. М. (UA)
  • В. П. (UA)
  • Галина У. (UA, RU)
  • Галина Шахова (CZ)
  • Государственный Эрмитаж (письменное разрешение получено 1.02.2019)
  • Дмитрий Шопенгауэр (DE)
  • Ел ена (FR, Monaco, RU)
  • Ильич (RU)
  • И.Аверьянова (RU)
  • И.Ижбулатов
  • Наталья Ершова (Пехотина) (MK)
  • Наталия Попал (HR)
  • Наталья Ю. (SG)
  • Л.Дубинина (RU)
  • Лев Самсонов (EE, NO)
  • Лилия Трунова (RU)
  • Н Богдан (Ицкова) (BY)
  • Н.Семчук (RU, US NY)
  • Наталья Попова (Оникиенко) (BY, DE)
  • Наталья Ходурская(Тупалова) (PL)
  • Нина Каширская (Шулепова) (RU)
  • Новиков Сергей (RU)
  • О Бубнова (RU)
  • Ольга Кошель (Кучеренко) (LU)
  • Сергей А (Alma-ata)
  • Сергей Голягин (JP)
  • Сергей Зятиков (RU)
  • Сергей Иванович (SG)
  • Сергей К (Arkhangelsk)
  • Сергей Подкорытов (MN)
  • Татьяна Г. (RU)
  • Татьяна М. (RU)
  • Т.Дворянинова (Жидкова) (RU)
  • Т.Киршина (Хинько) (RU)
  • Хосе-Мария Санчез (MN)
  • Юрий Краснов (RU)
  • Я. Александров (EE, JP)

* Most authors gave permission for the use of their photos in May 2019. For some organizations, the exact date is given for reporting 😉

Special thanks to Galina U. for obtaining permission to republish photos from their authors in social networks.

Sources of textual information and their authors:

Resources Authors:

Used materials:

  • Photos: pixabay ( : geralt, gwenaeltoquet, cristouclap, Thaie, Cieldevendee) etc.
  • Materials of these films: “Back to the future” (1985)
  • Materials from computer games: Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator (SCS Software)

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