Joint summer adventures



What the game is about: the player communicates with his pen pal, influencing the plot of his interlocutor’s memories of his version of events. At the same time, you can ask Semyon from the main game to recall the most interesting moments from his adventures (several scenes from the main game have been ported).

Need to know the plot of the main game? Yes, but not necessary. It is understood that the player has passed the “harem” ending of the main game, in the prologue there is a brief retelling of the events of the main game.

Project goals:

  • An attempt to make a minimalistic game using existing resources.
  • An attempt not to get a header from the authors of the resources and the game.
  • An attempt to fix some of the shortcomings of the main game and add new ones, more.
  • Poaching fans of the main game in order to create a personal harem.


Guys: Shurik (Alexander), Electronic (Sergey), Strange Pioneer.

Girls Alice, Lena, Olga Dmitrievna, Viola, Miku, Zhenya, Slavia, Elena, Ulyana.

Locations: from the main game, from amateur modifications, a couple of real photos.

About the materials used.

  1. The project uses materials from the visual novel “Everlasting Summer” (18+). Steam (18+), Official site (16+)
  2. Viola’s character sprites, administrative building backgrounds are taken from the “Rolls, Kefir and Rock ‘n’ Roll” modification. Steam (18+)
  3. The updated splash screens are taken from the “Sprites and CG by Orika” modification (by: Orika (Olga Korsakova)). Steam (18+)
  4. The missing backgrounds for locations are taken from the modification «Organizer ES» Steam (18+)
  5. Zhenya’s well-rendered sprites are taken from the modification «Библиотека спрайтов v2» Steam (18+)
  6. Authorship menu theme Benjamin Tissot (Bensound) Royalty Free Music from Bensound

Developer: AlexeyMS.

Genre: Visual novel, Simulator.

Platforms: Windows (XP+).

Languages: Russian, English, French.

License: Creative Commons NC-SA-BY.

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