The model of a time machine («Back to the Future»)

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After watching the first film, I liked the idea of the device. It is clear that the film used a relatively simple dummy, but wanted to make such a program. In terms of graphics and simulation is not perfect, but it can amuse ;-)

In technical terms, this dummy model uses a homemade LED and character generator for the majority of the letters of the Russian and Latin alphabets.

  • Languages: Russian, French, English, Ukrainian
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows + .NetFramework 4.0
  • The complexity of the project: amateur
  • Objective: To create a model of multi-segment indicator
  • Design: basic level
  • Sound effects: basic level
  • Audio codec: OGG Vorbis (K-Lite Codec Pack)
  • Simulation: basic level
  • Other languages: phrases are embedded in the code
  • Source: closed
  • Download: Yandex. Drive, GE.TT
  • See a report

Freeware and without warranty of any kind

Video Demonstration

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