«Одноэтажная Америка»

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Travel essay, which describes the journey of its authors (Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov) across the United States. Travelers received help from the family of Throne (in the book - Adams): Mr. Throne, in fact, acted as a guide and organizer of travel around the US, and his wife - as a driver.

The book is interesting because its authors described in great detail the places visited by them (the full version is also equipped with photographs and texts of letters). In fact, this is a short guide to the United States of the 1930s, involving some historical figures.

Our project is interesting from the geographical point of view: the characters visited several states, visited many sights of those years.

Countries and States:

France, USA.


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FR : Ilf et Petrov (trad. du russe par Alain Préchac, préf. Alain Préchac), L'Amérique : Roman-reportage [« Одноэтажная Америка »], Lyon, Parangon,‎ 2002, 412 p. (ISBN 2841900894)

EN: ILYA ILF AND EUGENE PETROV (Authorized Translation from the Russian by CHARLES MALAMUTH), Little Golden America, 1937, BY FARRAR & REINHART, INC.; Little Golden America, 1974 [1937], ISBN 4871876748

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