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Located in Indonesia.

Bromo-Tenger-Semeru is a national park located in the province of East Java (Indonesia). The difference in elevation is from 750 to 3676 meters above sea level, the average height is about 2100 meters.

The park is the only conservation area in Indonesia where there is erg (sandy sea), which has been an independent protected area since 1919. As the name implies, the “pearls” of the park are the caldera of the ancient Tenger volcano, from which five new volcanic cones rose, the most notable of which is Bromo (2329 m); and Semeru volcano (3676 m) — the highest mountain of the island of Java. Also in the park there are other mountains up to 3035 meters high (Kepolo), four lakes and 50 rivers, there are waterfalls, caves, villages and rice fields.



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