EU cookie law

The panel, which you can go to this page, if you accept, Cookies adds one record to the word “Yes”. After removing this entry panel appears again.

What are Cookies

The proper functioning of certain features of our site are used placed in your device are small data files called cookies (cookies). It is normal practice: complex sites may use cookies in huge quantities


What are cookies?

Cookie – a small text file created on your computer or mobile device when the site retains any information when you visit the site. Their use allows the site to remember your actions or settings (such as login, language, font size, and other display settings) for a certain period of time or until you delete them with the appropriate programs, also serves to ensure that the site recognize you when you move from one page to another.

What do we use cookies?

This mechanism allows you to enter each time not in the form of comments in your nickname, theoretically, can be recorded session data visit the website, although such practices, in relation to visitors, not seen. Can be used ad unit.

How to manage cookies

You can monitor and / or delete cookies how to use the tools built into the browser itself, or through third-party programs. Site about it in English: . You can delete all cookies, to which has been put on your computer. Most browsers allow to prohibit their reception. But after that you will have to manually enter all data and settings again each time you visit the site. Some sites at the same time may begin to not work properly.